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You've heard of greenwashing, but have you heard of "greenhushing?" 🤔 🍃

Greenhushing is when companies choose to stay quiet about their sustainability efforts. 😳

Why would they do that!?


Of what?

Fear of being called out for not being perfect.

Fear of making consumers feel guilty, potentially reducing their spending.

Fear of not communicating their sustainability correctly.

The business community must break through those fears!

Sustainability is an opportunity!

Opportunity to earn trust and market share with customers.

Opportunity to attract & engage impact-driven talent.

Opportunity to learn, grow, and improve by talking about sustainability more.

I'm here to help. Join me in my "Humble Leader's Guide to Talking About Your Mission & Impact" Masterclass on Thursday, 5/18, from 2:00 - 3:00 pm PT.

Reserve your free seat for the virtual session here:


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