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About Us

Our purpose is to help forward-thinking companies become more competitive and valuable by embracing their triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. 

Our vision is that for-profit businesses will be leaders in solving the world's greatest threats such as climate change and social inequality.

We support businesses to join the Beneficial Impact Capitalism movement by providing consulting services including ESG Impact Assessments, B Corp Certification guidance, and Strategic Planning.

Core Values



Challenge status quos and solve problems. Bravely commit to courses of action that make a difference.



Believe that people are good. Help them experience fulfillment and purpose by doing good through their work.



Recognize that everyone has their own journey and experiences. Their path has been different from our own.



Acknowledge our position of power and privilege. Embrace our ability and opportunity to help people and the planet.



Walk the talk and do our best to respect people and the planet in everything we do. Practice accountability & transparency.


We donate 5%+ of our revenue to social and environmental non-profit organizations


Mike Brown
Founder & CEO

A lifelong entrepreneur, Mike founded Impact Grove to serve his fellow entrepreneurs to reimagine their businesses as a force for good. A natural optimist, Mike believes that the vast majority of business leaders intend to do good, create jobs, and contribute to their community.


He has experienced and observed that most entrepreneurs struggle to fully integrate purpose and meaning into their business models. They instead attempt to make money first, then give back to charitable organizations second. Why not make a positive impact in the process of making money? Mike is able to guide forward-thinking companies to join the Beneficial Impact Capitalism movement.


Mike's two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, board member, and mentor gives him real-world perspective that differentiates him from many consultants. His education from Chapman University (2006) & Harvard Business School (2022) informs him to effectively consult with entrepreneurs to dramatically improve their businesses and lives.

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