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About Us

Our purpose is to help impact-driven business leaders succeed!

Our vision is that for-profit companies will lead in solving the world's greatest threats: the climate crisis and social division.

Our mission is to help triple-bottom-line businesses (people, planet, AND profit) compete and win.

Core Values



Challenge status quos and solve problems. Bravely commit to courses of action that make a difference.



Believe that people are good. Help them experience fulfillment and purpose by doing good through their work.



Recognize that everyone has their own journey and experiences. Their path has been different from our own.



Acknowledge our position of power and privilege. Embrace our ability and opportunity to help people and the planet.



Walk the talk and do our best to respect people and the planet in everything we do. Practice accountability & transparency.


We donate 5%+ of our revenue to social and environmental non-profit organizations


Mike Brown
Founder & CEO

Mike was educated to believe that “greed is good.” He started his first business while in college and grew it to over $50 million in revenue with customers in 177 countries. But after an eye-opening audit by the Environmental Protection Agency, he realized he could no longer grow his business at the expense of his values and principles. 


He committed to changing the way business is done. But first, he would have to start with how his business was run. He founded Impact Grove as a California Benefit Corporation, Certified B Corp, Business Member of 1% For The Planet, and Member of the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN).


Today he helps impact-driven business leaders increase their profits BECAUSE of their investments in people and the planet.

In more detail, he works with leaders and their companies to help them identify and leverage their competitive advantages of environmental sustainability and socially equitable practices. He creates sales & marketing strategies to compete against and take market share from their profit-addicted competitors that only care about making as much money as possible - at all costs to the environment and human beings.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of world-leading experts in their fields. Their diverse life & professional experiences inform our work to help impact-driven business leaders succeed!

Juan Carrillo_edited.jpg

Juan Carrillo

Social Enterprise Ecosystem Builder 


Monica Pleasant

Strategic & Inclusive Global Human Resources Leader


Sarah Chintawat

Human Resources Leader & Entrepreneur

DMR Photo Business casual_edited.jpg

Dennis Robinson

Philanthropic & Social Impact Investment Advisor


Dr. Joshua Fisher

Climate Scientist | Presidential Fellow of Ecosystem Science

Susan_Willig_HS_SQ 2022.jpg

Susan Willig

Marketing & Brand Strategist | Health Access Equity Champion

Our SDGs

We support and advocate for all seventeen of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

At Impact Grove, we focus on advancing the following as our main areas of contributing to a more just and sustainable future for all:

UN SDG 8.png

Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

UN SDG 12.png

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

UN SDG 13.png

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

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