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B Corp Bootcamp

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B Corps are transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. Certified B Corps are the leaders of business as a force for good in society!

Our B Corp Bootcamp program is for aspiring and existing B Corps. 

For companies exploring certification, we help you learn what a B Corp is, the certification requirements, and the five areas of the B Impact Assessment. Bootcamp graduates are empowered to navigate the rigorous and intensive process to become a Certified B Corp. 

For existing Certified B Corps, we help you accelerate your social impact efforts! We believe that the more successful B Corps there are, the better the world is. You can achieve “Best in the World” recognition as a leading B Corp. You can learn more about how to earn more customers and talent, poaching them from your profit-addicted competitors!

Attract & Retain Customers

Increasing numbers of people are voting with their wallets. They know they have a choice of who to do business with. Many consumers actively seek out Certified B Corps because they want their hard-earned money to support environmental and socially conscious companies. As millennials, Gen Z, and future generations increase their buying power, Certified B Corps will dominate the marketplace.

Attract & Retain Employees

There are few things in business more resource-intensive than attracting and retaining talent. Certified B Corps signal to the talent pool that they are purpose-driven and put real effort into being good to people and the planet. That is attractive to current and future generations of the workforce. Certified B Corps enjoy more applications for open positions and lower turnover rates. This results in greater efficiency and profitability.

Attract Investors & Partners

Join the private community of Certified B Corps, where one of the perks is to meet thousands of other purposeful business leaders. Many investors and partners are now exclusively participating in "Impact Investing" where their funds go towards purpose-driven business initiatives. Investors want their money to grow, and it's clear that purposeful brands have proven business upside.

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