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Impact Assessment

Everything that your company does impacts your triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.


Do you measure your impact on the environment and society? If you're not, you should be aware that your customers, the government, and your own team are increasingly focused of your company's positive or negative impact on people and the planet.


These areas are often blind spots for companies just doing their best to conduct their daily business in a challenging marketplace. With so much to already do, where should companies start?

Our confidential impact assessment process will reveal areas you are doing well in and areas that pose a risk to your business.  


The impact assessment is a tool that can help measure, manage, and improve positive impact performance for the environment, communities, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. 


Learn about the impact your company has on the economic and social well-being in the communities in which it operates. Reveal what your company can do to improve the value that you create for your customers.


Businesses can have a positive, neutral, or negative impact on the environment. There are dozens of inputs that determine your impact. We help to confidentially shed light on your blind spots, revealing risks and opportunities.


All profits are not the same. Governance is crucial. Learn what your company can do to align purpose, mission, and ethics with your policies and practices. Grow your profits by serving people and the planet.

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